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Abraham, Pearl, and Joanna :D {san antonio, tx family photographer}

April 25, 2011

Y’all’ve already met Pearl and Joanna. Well, here they are again along with their older brother Abraham! He’s 20 and an all around great guy who loves God and His people :D.After their church meeting two Sundays ago (remember I was down there for their Bible conference?), they graciously let me take some pictures of them outside. I say graciously because the food line for lunch had just started and it was already around 1:30 p.m. and everyone was hungry. True friends, I tell ya!! :DWe were waiting for Abraham to finish a text. Thought it made a cute sibling picture :D.

YAY! This picture makes me so happy…actually THEY make me so happy :D. Just look at them!

Hahaha :D.

Then of course I wanted one with them :D. I still can’t get over how awesome this picture turned out!!! It’s definitely one of my favorites of all time :D.

I love them SO much! Because of that fact, they were my “love” for week 10 of “The I love project” :D. I just wish San Antonio wasn’t so far away :'(. But that’s how the Lord has it and His way is best :). Praise the Lord for friends!!!With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }

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  1. I must admit…that last picture could win a contest. Way.

  2. What fun!! Friends are awesome, aren't they?! I'm so grateful to the Lord for amazing, likeminded brothers & sisters in Jesus! Love the photo of the three of them-look at all of those beautiful, shining smiles! And I *love* the last one, too!! What an amazing self-portrait. I always have trouble with those and it ends up a bit off or something. Beautiful!

    Blessings, Rachel Leigh, and thank you for sharing your lovely work with us all!
    Many blessings & much love,
    Elizabeth ♥

  3. Sereina says:

    Great photos! The last photo is awesome! I'm really lovin' it.

  4. Liz says:

    Love these they look like some fun people to know. Like the last shot of all of you very good.

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