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Abby Lyn: bridal preparation :D {sedalia, mo bridal portrait photographer}

April 8, 2013

Before you get to see their beautiful reception, here’s my awesome Abby friend getting ready for her and Stephen’s wedding day 😀 :D.
A couple fun facts: I took her senior portraits two years ago AND I took her older sister Marie’s getting ready portraits too!I love this woman to death and I was so happy to be capturing this special time; I kept hopping around the room from joy and excitement :D.
Here’s Marie! She, the matron of honor, did Abby’s make up :).
Now you’ve probably seen this other amazing woman on here before (like here), but what you don’t know is  she’s getting married and I’M GOING TO SHOOT HER AND ZACHARY’S WEDDING JULY 20!! Yeah, I’m thoroughly looking forward to it :D.Anyway, she was Abby’s personal attendant and did a marvelous job :D. Just look at that cute face!
Proud big sister :).
And here’s me :).
I love the framing of this shot. So cool :).
Allix was one of the videographers! She was trying it out to see if she wants to pursue it more :).
Pretty face :).
Goofy ;).
Taking time to read God’s Word.
Another one of her bridesmaids, Rebekah Gates, arrived! Seriously, these girls are just too fun :D.
Lovely :D.
Making drinking water look fabulous. Hehe :D.
Their wedding coordinator, Angela Rages, graciously gave her a foot massage. Hehe 😀
Another one of Abby’s lovely bridesmaids: Abbie Green :).
There’s Angela :D.
Stunning, Marie :).
Rebekah telling Allix and I about how she went into the wrong house the other day. Hahaha :D.
Regan Noe was a bridesmaid as well :D. She’s getting married too and Allix is going to shoot her and Daniel’s wedding next month!! Can’t wait :D.
They’re adorable :D.
I call this her Jennifer Lawrence face. Haha :D.
Abby looks good no matter what kind of face she’s making. It’s the truth.
(Heart stops) Abby, you’re just so beautiful. Inside and out 🙂 :). Stephen is ONE. BLESSED. man. For real.
Gettin’ murraaaayed! Haha :D.
We were teasing about her hair being lionish. “Rawr.” Hehe :D.
Love this moment.
Abby and her Subway salad :D.
And her gum. Haha 😀
Abby’s mom, Mrs. Kelly, was so sweet to help everybody. She’s great :D. You looked so pretty, Mrs. Kelly :).
Beautiful, Regan :D.
Next shall be their lovely wedding reception :D.
With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }

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  1. These are beautiful, Rachel! can't wait to see more! 🙂

  2. These are so sweet, Rachel! You captured some priceless moments for them, soo awesome. 🙂

  3. Wow these are so beautiful!!!!

  4. these are gorgeous, Rachel! 🙂 i love all your framing… in the mirrors, and all the others. all of them, really. 😉 can't wait to see more! <3

  5. grace says:

    how beautiful and special! 🙂

  6. Holly says:

    Wow, brilliant photographs…your friend is really going to cherish these 🙂

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