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Zachary and Elizabeth: wedding!! :D {kirksville, mo wedding photographer}

August 5, 2013

Y’all saw a sneak peek; now the full (very full :D) post of Zack and Elizabeth’s wedding day is finally here :D. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you…the day Zachary Ben Jennings and Elizabeth Ann Blum became one 🙂 :).
I mentioned in the sneak peek that Elizabeth is a dear old friend of mine. Well, she is :). Here’s a picture from when we first met to prove it. Haha! :D. That picture was taken when I was around 9 or so, but our friendship really shot off when I was 13 :). I will always be grateful to her for her friendship to me during my teenage years. She was like the big sister I never had (still is 🙂 ) and really aided my spiritual growth. God knew she was just what I needed :). Now, over 10 years later, I’ve had the privilege and pleasure of shooting her wedding day :’). How good the Lord is to His children, eh, Elizabeth? 🙂

Now, on with the pictures :D.

This is just the first of many examples that Elizabeth makes some of the best facial expressions. Haha. She’s awesome :D.

Elizabeth was a super relaxed, care free, and just plain happy bride :D.

She had fun on her wedding day :D.

So many dear-to-her-heart friends surrounded her as she prepared; the whole room had such a good feel because of it :).

Oh, you gorgeous woman :D.

Recognize this girl? I shot part of her wedding this past March! 😀 (here and here)

And here we come to “God’s special people”: the guys. Haha :D.

Again, like I said in the sneak peek, Zack is an old friend too! I’ve know him and his family since I was 15 and they’re some of my favorite people :D. Everyone has such a love, respect, and special place in their hearts for the Jennings family and the memory of Zack’s dad, Bro. Bob. Zack is such a happy, Godly guy and I’m so glad God brought him and Elizabeth together :D.

Zack and his favorite guys :D.

Zack was ecstatic :D.

Beautiful :D.

Seeing how it looks :D.

Elizabeth was pretty excited too ;D.

One of the prettiest bridal parties I’ve ever seen :D. And they’re all my friends! 😀

Regan Hargrave was Elizabeth’s matron of honor. They grew up together and are best of friends :D.

Rebekah Gates was Elizabeth’s maid of honor. They’ve also been best buds their whole lives. Actually, Elizabeth, Regan, and Rebekah have been a trio for as long as I can remember :D.

This is Evangeline Jennings: Zack’s younger sister and sweet friend of Elizabeth :D.

This is Amy Ochs: another life long friend of Elizabeth’s :).

This is Brianna: Elizabeth’s cousin and friend :D.

And last, but not least, this is Angela Leiter: Elizabeth’s former house mate and buddy :D.

Then it was time for her dad to see her 🙂

These are Elizabeth’s sweet parents: Mr. Mike and Mrs. Julie :D.

Then her brothers got to see her :D.

Joshua, Nathaniel, and Matthew :D.

The Blum family :). With the addition of Nate’s wife, Heather and their son Gavin :D.

The bridesmaids hanging out :D.

Now Zack and his guys :D.

They were fun :D.

Jared Jennings, Zack’s older brother, was his best man. They’re goofs. Haha :D.

This is Evan Jennings: Zack’s younger brother and buddy :D.

This is Daniel Hargrave: they’ve known each other their whole lives :D.

This is James Jennings: not Zack’s brother, but his brother in law actually! Haha 😀

This is Scott Kapshandy: Zack’s old college roommate and friend :D.

And lastly, this is Daniel Hamilton: lifelong buddy of Zack’s :D.

Zack and his sweet mom, Mrs. Terri :D.

The Jennings family :). Or most of it: Bethany (James’ wife and Zack’s older sister) was tending their baby girl Selah :).

Zack and Elizabeth didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony, but they were definitely up for holding hands :D.

Precioussss :D.

Don’t let the typo on the program deceive you; they were married in July. Lol :D.

Time to pray before the ceremony :).

Therrrre’s Bethany and baby Selah :D.


Listening to the sermon :).

Watching the slideshow :).

Look! There’s my buddy Allix! She videoed the wedding :D.

That’s Bro. Bob’s brother, Tom, to the right :).

“You may kiss the bride.”

Their faces!! 😀

“Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Jennings” :D.

Husband and wife :D.

John Hargrave and Tony Leiter were the ushers :D.

Bro. Clint Leiter and Mason Vann :).

Zack’s family :).

Tiiiime for the wedding portraits 😀 :D. They’re SUCH a handsome looking couple :D.

But along with these first few portraits, I want to share what they shared with me: their story :).

“Our story:

The incredible thing about a Christian
love story is that they always begin before the foundation of the
world. Just like God made Eve for Adam, God ordains and creates each
spouse for the enjoyment, and sanctification of one another.
Graciously and gloriously as children of God we are not an exception
to this plan of God.



By God’s grace we were both converted
young. We both grew up in Christian families. I began to pray about
Elizabeth while I was still attending S&T in Rolla Missouri. I
felt like the Lord was leading me to pray about her, but I didn’t
want to try to manipulate. I wanted the Lord to bring it about if it
was His will.


I felt the call of God to
move to Sedalia, MO and attend hygiene school at SFCC. Occasionally
Zachary would come home and attended Hwy M Chapel. He never gave me
any inclination that he was interested in anything beyond friendship,
which allowed us uninhibited friendship and allowed us to get to see
each other’s walk with the Lord in a neutral setting.


After over a year of
praying about her, I counseled with some people about marrying
Elizabeth. I was given positive counsel and, feeling lead by the
Lord, asked Elizabeth to talk one evening in January 2012.


After taking a walk
together, I agreed to pray with him for a while and that we would
both seek the Lord regarding the matter. After prayer and seeking
counsel, I came to the conclusion that I did not have peace that God
wanted me to marry him at that time. Even though I viewed him as the
godliest and happiest man I knew and there were no objections to his
character, there was not a sense of God being in the marriage at that
time. We both decided that if God was in this thing, He could bring
it about.


‘Trust in the Lord with all your
heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In ALL your ways,
acknowledge Him, and he will make your path straight.’-Proverbs 3:5,6


We were both thrown back on
God for wisdom. One big thing that I learned was to trust God’s
sovereignty. If God wanted me to marry her, He could bring it about.
I remember thinking
‘Well, am I going to believe that God is in
control or not.’ Also, to just follow the Lord.
the cloud was lifted from over the tent, afterward the sons of Israel
would then set out; and in the place where the cloud settled down,
there the sons of Israel would camp.’-Numbers 9:17
It wasn’t
like I had a strong sense that the Lord was going to give her peace
about it. I didn’t really know what to think. God just kept
bringing me back to the point of resting in His will and His
sufficiency. He is enough.


On the other hand, I did
not feel God had given me a
‘yes marry him’ or ‘no, he’s not the
one’ answer, but a simple, ‘trust’ answer. God spoke to me over and
over again the next week about trusting Him. Over the next year I
learned more than ever that God was good. He knew what he was doing
and would withhold no good from one of His chosen daughters. Not only
was I seeing that He would he withhold no good, but that goodness and
loving-kindness would FOLLOW me all the days of my life. (Psalms
23:6). In June of 2012, due to some impatience
on our part, Zachary and I talked about what God would have as far as
dating. But again God led us to the conclusion that God would make it
plain and that we could trust the Lord without having to date one
another to see if it was the Lord’s will to be married. Again, we were cast upon the Lord. It
seemed similar to when Abraham tried to bring God’s promise to
fruition in his own strength rather than resting in God. It was like
we were trying to make it easier for God. Many months later, through the
providence of God and in HIS perfect time, the Lord gave everything
that was asked: providential guiding, positive counsel, objective and
subjective guidance, and a heart that knew that God had planned this
and that it was His will for our lives.

For myself, It all came very suddenly.
The Lord made it very plain that I could, without fear of being
wrong, trust God to lead me in the right path. After talking with
some counselors, I asked Clint Leiter, who felt like he was telling
one kid that another kid liked him, to tell Zachary that God had
granted me peace and that I believed marrying him was God’s will.


I was totally taken off
guard. I had no idea. My first thought was
‘Wow, God really did bring
it about’ and ‘you of little faith.’ However, I also went through a
time of having doubts and fears about whether the Lord was in it. But
looking back, I really feel like it was the enemy getting in. One big
thing that I feel like the Lord showed me during the time was to
stand on what I knew to be true. And you have to stand on the
promises of God whether it’s in regard to salvation or assurance or
marriage or whatever.




Zachary proposed marriage at sunset on
a cliff overlooking a gorgeous view. I said yes.


The last 6 months have been an
unwinding in our hearts and souls of the plan that God created for us
before the foundation of the world. We both marvel at the goodness
and wisdom of God in keeping us for this time and ordaining our way
so wisely. We both see that God’s timing is far better than ours
and that God’s gifts are incredibly good. Satan loudly opposes
Christian marriages, so we both have had our share of fears but
always come back to the knowledge that God is with us and we are
obeying His sovereign plan. The gift of love that we share is….well,
it’s just plain good. We are thankful for what God has done and
look forward to what God will do in our lives together. To His name
be the glory, great things He has done.

My favorite things about my love, Zack:


I love his hands…they are huge and
make me feel small.


I love his constant joy.


I love his tenderness.


I love his ability to make me laugh.


I love his gentle spirit towards me.


I love the way he can lead me so gently
but firmly in the Christian life.


I love his lion heart in the things of
the Lord.


I love his incredibly blue eyes!!


I love that he is my stability, my rock.


BEST teeth ever. ;).


I love it when he laughs really really


I LOVE his singing voice.

What I love about Elizabeth:


I love the
way she clings to the Lord.


Not to be
a copycat, but I really do love her hands.


I love how
she’s been such a helper even when we are only engaged.


I love how
she wants to reach out to people.


I love how
she’ll share things the Lord’s been showing her.


I just love being with Liz. Even though
it’s only been a taste being engaged, It’s been wonderful to
spend life together, to share burdens together, to rejoice together,
to seek the Lord together, to just be together. And I’m looking
forward to it being carried out far more fully in marriage by the
grace of our loving heavenly Father.

And that is them, ladies and gentlemen. They’re pretty incredible :).

Look at those sweet faces! They make me smile :D.

Yay for wedding party pictures!! 😀

And what a fun wedding party this was :D.

Stunning, y’all :D.

Love these happy pretty ladies :D.

And hooray for these great guys :D.

Me: “Fierce, guys.” Haha.

Oh, these guys. Haha :D.

I told the guys to make them laugh. Haha :D.

Beautiful :D.


Rebekah was gonna try to get Elizabeth down, but then she called for…

…Elizabeth’s man! Hehe 😀

Good call, Rebs :D.


A few more portraits with her girls :).

Now time for just Zack…

…and Elizabeth :D.


Their sweet love makes me happy :D.

At last :).


Since he loves her hands too… :D.

Oh! That love!

Mmm 🙂

Ooooh, you can’t buy this kinda love :D.

Those priceless facial expressions again!! And Zack loves ’em :D.

I love how they make each other laugh 😀 :D.

Gorgeous :D.

Reception time! 😀

Gotta go get food :D. Don’t they look great?!

Yeah, they’re gonna be happy :D.

Tim Cason (a man from Elizabeth’s old church) did an aMAzing job with the live music!


Hahaha 😀

Stephen and Abby sang a really cute love song called “Taking You With Me” while Zack and Elizabeth cut the cake :D.

They liked it. Hehe 😀

Time for the sweet speeches :D.

I caught them just randomly kissing. Hooray 😀 (they’re husband and wife, by the way 😉 ).

Closing prayer :).

 Ready for the bouquet toss. “All the single ladies.” Hehe :D.

Time to get ready to leave!

Here they come!


And off they went :D. The Lord is good :).
With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }

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  1. Moriah Mari says:

    Oh!! What lovely work, what a sweet couple! I particularly like how you shared their story – encouraging. I enjoyed this!

  2. Oriana says:

    wow, rachel first off, let me tell you how much i enjoyed looking at your work! you are so good at capturing moments and i know zack and liz will be forever grateful to you! they are a beautiful couple.

  3. Allix B. says:

    Yaaaay! Love these, my spectacular friend. 🙂 You really did fantastic.

  4. Morg says:

    wow you did a great job! these pictures are very beautiful, great job!

  5. Hannah Royal says:

    Girl, You did amazing!! Can't wait for you to do mine!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Incredible, Rachel. I stopped keeping count of all my "favorites."

  7. Lauren Frey says:

    Awesome job, Rachel!

    I haven't known Elizabeth for very long, but these pictures jerked some tears. Such a sweet couple!

  8. Beautiful job, Rachel!

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