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Mrs. Vivian Stroman’s 95th Birthday party :D {mt. pleasant, tx portrait and wedding photographer}

September 30, 2013

  Like I said on Facebook, this was unexpectedly one of the most enjoyable photography jobs I’ve ever done :D.
Not one person was bored, unhappy, or just not wanting to be there; everybody was having fun and enjoying each other. It did my heart good :).
The lady sitting down and laughing is the lady of the day, Ms. Vivian Stroman, and she continued to laugh about 95% of the time. It was great :D. She is full of life, love, and laughter and it is contagious :). It’s obvious why she is so dear to so many people :).




And these two co-coordinating ladies standing by her looking adorable (‘course all three of them look adorable here) are her two daughters: Margie and Pat Winters :). They’re so nice :D.


Beautiful 😀
I love this one 🙂
Her daughters made the party so nice and pretty :D.
Old photos are the coolest 😀
Love these!
They had scrapbook pages with a couple old pictures on each one and people could write a note to Mrs. Vivian :).
Two of my old homeschool friends were there! Alec and Emilee Capel 😀 (they got married this summer. Yay :D) .
And there’s my great Aunt Mary saying “hi” to the birthday girl! 😀
Before I headed out, these two wanted their picture taken and I was glad they did :D.
Haha, they’re cute 😀
Thanks again, Mrs. Pat for hiring me! It was an honor and a joy :D.
With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }

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  1. Allix B. says:

    so much life in these. <3

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