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Sam and Brianna: wedding sneak peek :D {sherwood baptist church, newcastle, ok wedding photographer}

February 4, 2019

Last May at a Bible camp in Arkansas, Brianna and I were in the lunch line and she asked me “Hey, you remember that guy we met with the beard?” Me: “Yeah! Sam Barnhart.” Brianna: “He has the eyes of Zac Efron!” I look over at him sitting at one of the tables: “…he does! Haha.” Brianna: “I want to tell him!” Me: “You should tell him!”

Later that afternoon, we and a few others are sitting on the grass watching the ultimate frisbee game, and Sam walks up. Brianna: “Hey, you have the eyes of Zac Efron!” Sam’s mouth drops and he just stands there. Mrs. Kulis looks up at Sam and asks “Who’s Zac Efron?” Sam: “Like the most good looking guy on the planet.” Hahahaha.

This past weekend was the first time I had seen them in person as a couple and it brought me such joy: they truly are best friends and love each other so much <3 <3.

Sam and Brianna, I praise the Lord for bringing y’all together and I’m so glad I got to be a part of y’all’s wedding day!! 😀

With a smile,

{ Rachel Leigh }


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