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My time in Missouri wasn’t over yet!After Arkansas Camp, I went back up to Kirksville, MO to have time with my friends there :D.The first day, The Kellys, Amanda Webb, Buddy Bowles, and I joined some of their relatives in Hannibal to go see the Cameron Cave! We all had to bring flashlights because there were […]

Camp.This was the best year yet 🙂 🙂 (and the biggest too: around 170. That’s big for us. Hehe 🙂 ). It seems to get better every year actually. Remember what I said about it last year? I didn’t think it could get any better than last year, but it did! The solid preaching, the fellowship […]

Surprise! I know I told y’all on Thursday that my next post would be on Monday about camp. Well, I forgot that this weekend was 10 on 10 Project time! So here’s a Sunday post 😀 (by the way, I’m posting this right before I head out the door to go to our church meeting. The Lord’s […]

Sedalia has become of my favorite places (remember I went there last year?) because of the awesome people that live there :).I arrived in Sedalia, MO seventeen days ago for James and Bethany’s wedding weekend :D. My dear dear friend Amanda and I stayed at the fairy tale like home of Mrs. Betty Green. Amanda and I were […]

…because they’re not accidents in the first place :). (we’ll get back to that at the very end 😉 ). Y’all are probably wondering “What is this 10 on 10 project?” Well, the wonderful Hannah Nicole asked some of her photographer friends and I if we’d be interested in starting one. What it is is we’re […]

Yes, folks, I have upgraded 😀 :D.I am  now the happy owner of a Nikon D700 AND a 50mm 1.4. Having a full frame camera+the beautiful softness of 1.4=an incredible combination :D. After taking just one picture with my new camera, I was ecstatic. I kept explaining to any family member near by how incredible […]

Two weekends ago I attended the third annual Fellowship Conference 😀 :D. (remember last year’s?) What a BLESSING it was!! The sermons were all excellent (here’s one of them: one of the best sermons on the local church I’ve ever heard!) and the Lord blessed me with almost equal fellowship with old friends and new ones […]

Hey, y’all :). Two weekends ago, my parents and I traveled down to Elmendorf, Texas (it’s just south of San Antonio 🙂 )  because Dad was asked to preach in the Community Baptist Church Spring Conference. It was a blessed time :). It’s so wonderful to fellowship with more of my spiritual family; I love […]

TA-DAAAA! Welcome to the new look :D. And this was all made possible by the amazingly incredible designer: ladies and gentlemen, I’d like you to meet… Hannah Nicole Martin!! I found this Minnesota girl’s blog, Aspire, a year or so ago and I have been continually inspired by her writing, design, and photography…and she’s only 15!! The […]

“I take a moment to just stop and look around me. And smile to myself.”   ~Alexandra Potter   🙂   With a smile,  { Rachel Leigh }