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This is where the sneak peeks and special days shared more fully are at :D

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Last weekend, my parents, my friend Kayleigh, and I attended a Bible conference/camp in Denton, TX :). I was blessed by some wonderful sermons, exchanging testimonies of what God has done for us, saw many old friends and made many new ones :D. Speaking of old friends, my dear dear friend Amanda Marie Webb was […]

Y’all’ve already met Pearl and Joanna. Well, here they are again along with their older brother Abraham! He’s 20 and an all around great guy who loves God and His people :D.After their church meeting two Sundays ago (remember I was down there for their Bible conference?), they graciously let me take some pictures of […]

Last weekend my parents and I went down to San Antonio for a Bible conference at Iglesia Bautista Particular de la Gracia Soberana! ๐Ÿ˜€ Dad was one of the speakers (in case y’all didn’t know, my dad is bi-vocational; he’s a dentist and the pastor of our church ๐Ÿ˜€ ) We’re very close with this […]'ll get a taste of my random, happy life :)

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