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This is where the sneak peeks and special days shared more fully are at :D

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Early this morning, my mom and I breakfasted with these two sweeties, then we ventured outside for pictures! Mainly for Audrey’s upcoming FIRST birthday, but how could we not get some mother and daughter portraits too? More to come :D. With a smile, { Rachel Leigh }

 I did this last year, so I thought I’d do it again :D. Here are my favorite portraits from 2013!                                                                       […]

 The day after Thanksgiving, my cousin Cara and her family came over and I took some family pictures for them :D. You saw some of them last Thanksgiving :).   They’re a great looking family. I like them :D.   Keller’s face: cute 😀 (he’s the one in the middle; the other two are Rhett […]

I went back and forth on whether I would do any 2012 recap posts or not, but after looking back through my work from last year, I realized how blessed I was to have been able to capture such beautiful memories and I wanted to share some favorites from those times :). So, here I […]

This past Thanksgiving weekend was so nice; that’s just the best way to describe it :). On Thanksgiving Day, some of mom’s family came over for the day. Before it got dark, we took a few family portraits outside :). Here’s my parents whom I love :D. And here’s my grandparents (mom’s parents) whom I love as […]

Y’all just saw Katie last week. Now here she is with the man she loves: Will. 😀 Lookin’ at the dead snake on the road. Haha :D. A favorite; the way she’s looking at him! Love :). Will waving. Haha 😀 “…the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly.”   –“Vanilla Twilight” by Owl […]

Last Tuesday while I was in Missouri (more on that later) my best friend Amanda and I headed to Thousand Hills State Park and waited for her mom, brother, and sister to arrive for family portraits to be taken! By me! :D. Having fun while we wait. Hehe :D. Rocking out. Hehe :D. Actually the […]

Last week, my family, the Brunsons (Allix B. and her parents), and my brother Jay’s friend Brad Rychlik went to Florida; YAY! 😀 We had a marvelous time and I will be blogging about it soon, but first off, I’m going to share these family portraits I took our last night at the beach. Meet […]

While I was at the Fellowship Conference, Leah Turner sweetly asked if I could take some portraits of her little boy Ian. And so I did :D. I had never interacted with him before, so mommy was there to make him smile :D. I’m glad Leah is in most of the pictures; it makes them […]

Meet the Snodgrass family! We’ll go from oldest to youngest (which I think y’all will be able to figure out 😉 ). Jason, Marie, Emma, Chloe, and baby girl who hasn’t been named yet :D. We’re related actually; Marie is the daughter of my dad’s cousin :).   They were so easy to work with; […]'ll get a taste of my random, happy life :)

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