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Despite this evening in May being close to 100 degrees, it was one of the best times I’ve ever had photographing a couple <3. Rob and Madison are the bomb!! They’re beautiful, hilarious, and just a wondrous mix of thoughtfulness and being carefree <3. Happy one month and 15 days of marriage, y’all!! 😀 With […]

Aaaaah, last night’s engagement session of these two was the beeeest! <3 <3 Madison (a fellow photographer) and I became online friends 4 years ago, met for the first time last February when she shadowed me at a wedding, and then yesterday I got to meet her fiancé Rob (who I’ve also been online friends […]

After several busy months of work, traveling, and visiting friends (yay!!), I finally have time to share Jonathan and Grace’s WONderful January wedding day with y’all!! 😀 😀 One of the many awesome things about Texas is, more often than not, an outdoor wedding in January is a valid option! And even though these sweethearts […]'ll get a taste of my random, happy life :)

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