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This is where the sneak peeks and special days shared more fully are at :D

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 The wait is over and here are the rest of Edwin and Hannah’s pictures! :D. Yeah, they like to kiss and they kissed at pretty much every opportunity ;). Edwin and Hannah met at church and became really good friends (the best way to start!), but then, of course, that eventually changed ;). They’ve been […]

Here’s a sneak peek of another shoot I did at Jessica Shae’s Summer Adventure last weekend :D. Edwin and Hannah were SO easy and fun; I can’t wait to share the rest :D. With a smile, { Rachel Leigh }

Two Saturdays ago, I had the honor of capturing Dr. Jon and Mrs. Kathleen Tompkins’ 50th wedding anniversary party at the Mt. Pleasant Country Club :).The cake was made by Calavera Cakery. Isn’t it great? They really paid attention to detail :). Family and friends started to arrive :D. The grandkids thoroughly enjoyed the slideshow, […]

…well, mostly Mom, but Dad comes in a little over half way ;). Here are some new portraits of Mom (and her and Dad together, as you’ll see) that I took last Sunday evening :). Yeah, Mom’s purty :). Mom LOVES being outside (and more specifically: working in our yard. Hehe :D. She keeps it […]

I must say, taking pictures of couples in love is my favorite 😀 With a smile, { Rachel Leigh }

Last Tuesday I got to spend some time with these sweet married friends of mine and take portraits of them! May I introduce to you Richard and Amanda Lange :). They’re adorable 😀 (aaaand they were born the same year as me! ’92 babies, unite! Hehe 😀 ). They really rocked this session :). They […]

  I seriously canNOT wait to share the rest with y’all :D. With a smile, { Rachel Leigh }

Y’all just saw Katie last week. Now here she is with the man she loves: Will. 😀 Lookin’ at the dead snake on the road. Haha :D. A favorite; the way she’s looking at him! Love :). Will waving. Haha 😀 “…the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly.”   –“Vanilla Twilight” by Owl […]

Meet the Snodgrass family! We’ll go from oldest to youngest (which I think y’all will be able to figure out 😉 ). Jason, Marie, Emma, Chloe, and baby girl who hasn’t been named yet :D. We’re related actually; Marie is the daughter of my dad’s cousin :).   They were so easy to work with; […]

This was one of the best family camps ever. It was wonderful 🙂 :).My family and I started attending this camp (Grace Family Camp a.k.a Arkansas Camp ;D) in 2004. Ever since then it’s always been a highlight of our year, and this year was no exception :D. The sermons were filled with truth, the […]'ll get a taste of my random, happy life :)

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