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This is where the sneak peeks and special days shared more fully are at :D

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A few days before Sam and Brianna’s wedding weekend, I visited my best friend Allix and took her maternity/family photos. 😀 Remember the first time I did that? Over two years later and they now have another daughter due to join the outside world on St. Patrick’s Day 😀 <3. I’m so honored and happy […]

   Last week I did a review of my wonderful 2016 weddings, so this week I’m remembering my fun and gorgeous portrait sessions from this year :D. Enjoy reliving a bit of their beauty and joy below :D. I’m so thankful to God for all that He did in my life in 2016 and I […]

After two sneak peeks of my besties fantastic maternity session, here it is in full 😀 😀 <3Is she not a delightfully stunning mother?? This was my first time to visit Trevor and Allix in Louisiana by myself! Though I was there for just one night, Allix and I had plenty of time to catch […]

Had to share more from my glorious portrait session with the Rubys. Oh, the beauty and joy <3 <3 <3 With a smile, { Rachel Leigh }

This evening I had the exciting and wonderful pleasure of photographing my beautiful best friend Allix Ruby and her hidden little girl who’s coming out into our waiting arms this Thanksgiving Lord willing 😀 :D. CanNOT wait to share more of all this glory 😀 :D. Trevor joined in some too 🙂 With a smile, { […]

While I was shooting Allix’s portraits in downtown Fort Worth last week,  Jessica asked if Allix and I could take a few 13-weeks-along maternity portraits for her :D. Jessica, you are such a lovely mamma :). I know you and Josh are SO looking forward to seeing the “lil raspberry” in person 🙂 :)…so am I, by the […]

I went back and forth on whether I would do any 2012 recap posts or not, but after looking back through my work from last year, I realized how blessed I was to have been able to capture such beautiful memories and I wanted to share some favorites from those times :). So, here I […]

Y’all just saw Katie last week. Now here she is with the man she loves: Will. 😀 Lookin’ at the dead snake on the road. Haha :D. A favorite; the way she’s looking at him! Love :). Will waving. Haha 😀 “…the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly.”   –“Vanilla Twilight” by Owl […]

Katie McBride is a sweet friend of mine and I had a great time taking her first maternity portraits! 😀 LOVE this one. Here’s her pretty face :). She’s so cute :D. 😀 SO beautiful, Katie. When we weren’t using Katie’s scarf, Will made a tent with it. Haha. Lovely :). Coming up next: couple […]

More to come shortly! 😀 With a smile, { Rachel Leigh }'ll get a taste of my random, happy life :)

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