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This is where the sneak peeks and special days shared more fully are at :D

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 We gave thanks last week with our family and had such a sweet, memorable time :). Amidst our fellowship, I did a mini photo shoot for my brother Daniel and his wife Emily! It twas fun :D. They play like kids, act like they just got engaged, look at each other with such contented love, […]

Surprise! I know I told y’all on Thursday that my next post would be on Monday about camp. Well, I forgot that this weekend was 10 on 10 Project time! So here’s a Sunday post 😀 (by the way, I’m posting this right before I head out the door to go to our church meeting. The Lord’s […]

Yaaaaaay!! :DMy brother is now married and I now have a sister in law 🙂 :). The happy happy, fun day was last Saturday, May 12. Their wedding was held at the beautiful Ashelynn Manor in Magnolia, TX. Their wedding was at 10:00, so we all had to get up early and get there for pictures. […]

Ok, I don’t normally do sneak peeks, but being my brother’s wedding, I just HAD to share ONE sweet shot I captured 😀 :D. Can not WAIT to share them ALL with y’all!! 😀 With a smile, { Rachel Leigh }

…because they’re not accidents in the first place :). (we’ll get back to that at the very end 😉 ). Y’all are probably wondering “What is this 10 on 10 project?” Well, the wonderful Hannah Nicole asked some of her photographer friends and I if we’d be interested in starting one. What it is is we’re […]