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Last Friday was my grandfather’s (Papa’s) 74th birthday, and according to him, it was the best birthday he’s ever had :D. The reason why is because we got him something he has ALWAYS wanted: a Henry Big Boy 45 Long colt.  My Papa is a true cowboy at heart, and this gun is pretty much the classic […]

High 80’s + perfect water temperature, color, and calmness + my family and friends = one of the best vacations in a while 😀 :D.We arrived safely! 😀 We were all in a happy mood :D. Figuring out the tv. I really like this picture of my parents, by the way :). And I just love […]

  Remember when I took pictures of my brother Daniel and his fiance Emily right after he proposed to her? Well, they wanted to do an “official” engagement session this fall; one where they could plan their outfits, fix their hair, and choose a location together :). And we did! And they chose the Tyler […]

Yes, my brother is engaged to be married!! But y’all probably saw it comin’ ;).I love when people get engaged :D.Anyway, our first night in Florida, Daniel proposed to Emily! But I’ll let Daniel explain the first part to y’all :). “I knew I wanted to ask her on the beach, and I had assumed […]

Family get togethers can be quite fun and this one was :).Last Saturday, we got together with Mom’s side of the family to celebrate Mother’s Day.Here’s what decorated the dessert table: a lovely bouquet made by my cousin Amanda :). It was a gift to Mamie :). One of Mamie’s cute outdoor decorations :D. And […]

Last Friday was my Aunt Kathy’s 49th birthday and her daughter Amanda offered to make a brunch for all of us girls in celebration :D. That’s Amanda you see below: Amanda Diane Tilley (she’s been married for close to a year and a half now 🙂 ). The food was GREAT! She did a fantastic […]

This past Friday, my family (minus one brother) and our dear friends the Brunsons went out to a tree farm/ ranch/ fun-woodsy-get-away called Karnack (If you’d like to learn more about Karnack, please click here 🙂 ).I could kick myself for not having taken any portraits while we were there! But I did get pictures […]