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This is where the sneak peeks and special days shared more fully are at :D

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  “thanksgiving” εὐχαριστία eucharistia yoo-khar-is-tee’-ah “…grateful language (to God, as an act of worship)…” Let us thank God verbally!   We are so unworthy, yet God has given His people an unspeakably great Gift: salvation through Christ and everything pertaining to it.   Thank you, dear LORD 🙂   With a smile, { Rachel Leigh }   P.S. […]

You can order a print of this scripture picture (and any of my others) here :). With a smile, { Rachel Leigh }

With a smile, { Rachel Leigh }

This is another side to my photography; a more personal side. { Scripture Pictures } This is something I started doing even in the very beginnings of my photography. I’ll take a picture of flower, some scenery, a random object, etc…and then I’ll look at it…for a good long while. It’s making me think of […]