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LITTLE RABBITS! AAAHH!Ok, gotta be calm. Haha.These particular little rabbits belong to my friend Kayleigh. I had forgotten how much I LOVE baby rabbits!! They’re like Beanie Babies come to life!! Haha :D. (I collected and loved Beanie Babies when I was little. I still like them a lot :D…so…if you ever want to get […]

Y’all’ve already met Pearl and Joanna. Well, here they are again along with their older brother Abraham! He’s 20 and an all around great guy who loves God and His people :D.After their church meeting two Sundays ago (remember I was down there for their Bible conference?), they graciously let me take some pictures of […]

This past weekend, my friends the Brunsons, the Moores, and the Crawfords went camping at Lake Bob Sandlin State Park and the Brunsons let me be a part of their family temporarily :D.Many of the things we did weren’t captured in my camera (like riding bikes to the trout pond, playing “Ninja”, etc…oh, and in […]

I was taking pictures of hardcover books for my third week of The *I love* project, and I was inspired to do a blog post here about my love for them :).   Hardcover books.What’s funny is I used to hate hardcover books! I thought they were annoying to read from and I thought “Paperbacks […]

Since many photographers I know started some kind of photo project at the beginning of the year, I was inspired to start one as well. But I thought “Well, it’s too late. It’s already February. Ill just do it next year.”But then I was looking at a follower of mine’s blog and saw where she […]'ll get a taste of my random, happy life :)

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