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This is where the sneak peeks and special days shared more fully are at :D

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A few weeks ago, I shot my first senior session of the year!! It was super fun ’cause I’ve known Leah since she was little 😀 (our moms were best friends in high school :D). And now she’s graduating, has a sweet boyfriend, and wants to be a dental hygienist! (yeah, my dentist dad was […]

As I promised, here is Stephen and Abigail’s enchanting wedding reception :D.I still can’t get over how amazing Abby looked…and how amazing she IS! Man, I love her. Ok, moving on. Hehe :). Hey hey!! Here’s the adorably awesome couple I told y’all about last time! Zack and Elizabeth: yeah, they’re hilarious and just plain […]

Here’s an enchanting short film for you to enjoy on this lovely day, if you haven’t seen it already :). And this is for all my fellow “Whovians” out there (yes, as of last November, I am hooked! I LOVE IT!). With a smile, { Rachel Leigh }