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A weekend with Jessica Shae :D {frisco, tx engagement and portrait photographer}

February 13, 2012

Allix B. and I have been wanting to go visit our sweet friend Jessica Shae for a while now and it finally came to fruition last weekend!! Hoorah :D.
The way Jessica has her room decorated is so lovely :D.
Here’s Allix! 😀
We spent lots of time in her room talking and listening to each other’s music :D.
I got to lean up against her lovely pillows :).
I love her pretty books and this beautiful artwork of a German village! 
Her inspiration board is very artsy too :).
The feet of Allix and I. Hehe :D.
Jessica said she’s gotten so many more books recently, she’s having to pile them up under her bed. I can totally relate!
Then we went to have lunch at “Chipotle“! Here’s Jessica’s cute nails and iPhone :D.
My purty companions :).
Seriously pretty!! Love this one of y’all :D.
Now, the reason we went to “Chipotle” was to have lunch with our friends/past fellow interns: Carissa and Hannah Koehn! (of Once Upon a Time Photography) It was extra special because it was the anniversary of our internship with Jessica!! (And hey, if you’ve never seen the video recap of our internship, do it NOW! Because it’s pretty awesome :D)
They’re such cute, happy, fun girls :D. We had a very enjoyable 2 hours together :D.
My half eaten burrito :). Doesn’t it look pretty? Hehe :D.
We had lots of happy rides in Jessica’s car :).
Doesn’t Jessica’s eyebrow look nice? Hehe :).
Then we headed to some lovely places to take pictures of each other! 
I’m saving the portraits I took of Miss Jessica Shae for Thursday :D.
A new day :). 
The night before, we had dinner at Jessica’s grandparents house! We ate poppy seed chicken, watched the Mavericks game, and had fun/hilarious conversations :D. Well, Jessica’s grandmother LOVES orchids and she has them ALL over her house! Anyway, while we were in their living room, this particular flower’s time had come and fell off the plant; I asked if I could have it and they said yes :D. 
For some reason, this photo reminds me of one of my very favorite photographers, Sarah Danaher of Ampersand Photography!! Her style is SO classicly lovely and so is SHE! Go check out her blog!!
And here is the Garner’s (Jessica’s family, in case you forgot her last name 😉 ) adorable little dog Molly! She’s such a cute, fluffy, scampering little thing :D.
And here is Emma!! (age 9) One of the sweetest little girls I know :D. 
Just look at that face!! Precious girl.
While we were in Jessica’s room, Emma walked in carrying two necklaces. She silently handed this one out to me and a flower one out to Allix. They were our Valentine gifts from her!! I melted. Isn’t it cute?! (By the way, I’m wearing a sweater that was my mom’s when she was my age and it’s in great condition! :D).
And this is Lawson! (Age 11). Also one of the sweetest kids I know.  He’s so honest and open :). And he’s very thoughtful; about what he says and what you say. It’s so neat talking to him :).
And Sam!! Sam has a special place in my heart because he reminds me of my brother (Daniel) at his age (14); he’s very witty and smart :). One cool guy :D.
And he didn’t mind me taking these pictures of him washing the dishes :).
It was so fun having more interaction with their family this visit; they’re favorites :D. And I want to give a shout out to the other awesome members of the Garner family that I didn’t get to do head shots of; Bro. Don Garner, Mrs. Tracy Garner, Rachel Garner (18), and Luke Garner (16). Y’all rock!
And guess who we got to meet while we were there??
Jessica’s boyfriend: Joshua Sherrill!! More on that meeting and pictures of them together (yaaay!) next Monday 😀 :D. 
This is him starting up Jessica’s car so it’d be warm for us when we got out of his into hers :). 


What a great weekend :D.


With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }


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  1. Hannah says:

    Looks like so much fun! Love the photos, girl! 🙂

  2. Fun pics, Miss Allix B. looks amazing in her portrait shoot. Also love the B & W at the end.

  3. Sara says:

    I can't wait to see more portraits.. they ones you posted already are lovely!

  4. Anonymous says:

    LOVED getting to see you again! <3

  5. Allix B. says:

    AHH! It's the horrendous picture of my feet! I suppose I'll let that one slide…this time. 😉 Would you mind sending me the one of me and the one of me and Jessica at Chipotle? I rather like those shots instead. 😉

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