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Greer’s 1st Birthday party :D {waco, tx portrait and wedding photographer}

October 14, 2013

A little over two weeks ago, I photographed my cousin’s daughter’s first birthday party :D. Jordan (that’s my cousin 🙂 ) made everything SO special and sweet; I love her creativity :D. 

There’s my Uncle Randy taking Greer (the birthday girl) for a stroll before the guests arrive :). You’ll get to see them up close later ;). Oh, and the party took place where Taylor (Jordan’s husband, Greer’s daddy 🙂 ) spent much of his childhood :). Don’t Taylor’s parents have a lovely backyard?!

Here’s my cousin Jordan and her mom, my Aunt Carla 😀 (my dad’s little sister).

Here she comes…


She’s such a cutie :D.

Jordan: “Greer, what does an owl say?”
Greer: “Hoooo.”

Out of all Greer’s facial expressions and sounds, these are my personal favorites :D.

First little guest! 😀

Greer and her beautiful mama :).

They’re both cute ;).

Here’s the trio all together! 😀


Yaaay :D.

They love her so much :D.

Hehe :D.

Greer received a coloring from one of her little friends and she was SO excited. Hehe :D.


We got a few family pictures before the party got started :).

More colorings and cards :D.
Greer’s little TOMS. Hehe :D.
Then the BUBBLE machine was turned on! Woohoo!
Greer in a little white dress with a little mud on the bottom: that’s Greer :).
Being an owl again. I love it :D.
This is her “Oh, my!” face. Haha.
Then! She started to fall backwards. Haha.


Here’s Greer with her Aunt Ginny (Taylor’s sister) and her grandma Sally (Taylor’s mom) :).



Time to taste the precious little cake (even if it melted a bit 😉 ).
Look at that face! So cute and happy :D.
Greer was so gentle about it. Hehe.

A cute little visitor. Hehe :D.
My Uncle and Aunt lookin’ awesome :D. 
I like them :D.

The party came to a close, but the pictures didn’t end :).

It was time to take more family pictures before we all retreated inside to escape the humidity. Hehe 🙂

 Y’all look great :D.

Intermission for…
…a quick swing. Hehe :D.
She ecstatically sits in it backwards ’cause she can and she loves it. Hehe 😀
Back to family pictures and them lookin’ great :D.
Love the happiness :D.


 They have fun :D.

Aunt Carla wanted her and Uncle Randy to get some pictures with Greer ’cause apparently they didn’t have any of just them with her! So, we fixed that :D. 
Haha 😀


Of course we had to get pictures of Greer with her other grandparents too :D. And Taylor’s dad hasn’t been introduced yet! His name is Johnny :).
It looks like Greer is hiding her eyes. Haha :D.

Then we ended the happy party day with some pretty shots of Jordan and her man :).

Thank you again, Jordan for asking me to come and document the party! I’m glad I was able to help so you could fully enjoy the time :). I had fun :D.With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }

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  1. Hannah M. says:

    THAT YARD– absolutely gorgeous piece of property! What a lovely party, and lovely people… babies are so much fun. 😀

  2. Susanna S. says:

    You got some awesome photos in there, Rachel! Great job.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Rachel, you did an outstanding job!!!! Beautiful pictures!!!

  4. Allix B. says:

    These are some of your absolutely best pictures. Random though it may be…you rock events. 🙂

  5. Eloise Kate says:

    This is so precious! Greer is the cutest little one ever.

  6. Rachel,….I loved how you captured so many precious memories. Greer is one happy little girl,…just like her mother Jordan~ So many favorites,…but I have to say I love the ones you caught of her sitting by the bubble machine and starting fall back and then falling back. I would frame those together in a heartbeat! And the couple pics of Jordan and Taylor were so sweet. 😀 Of course Carla and Randy looked amazing~ You did a great job capturing them so natural and playful like they are. 😀

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