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Sarah: college senior portraits sneak peek :D {sfa, nacodogches, tx senior portrait photographer}

April 16, 2019

Sarah is my 2nd cousin and it was so fun to take her college senior portraits yesterday 4 years after taking her high school senior portraits!!
The weather was perfect and we had a fun time on her campus (where at least 5 other senior shoots were happening around us. Haha. Aaaand we may have reused confetti we found on the ground from said senior shoots…hahaha).

Sarah, you’re awesome, fun, so easy, and beautiful and I’m so glad we’re related . Congratulations again! You’re almost there .

sfa college senior portraits by Rachel Leigh

With a smile,

{ Rachel Leigh }

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  1. […] roster is my awesome cousin Sarah’s college senior portraits from last April :D. It was such a fun evening and does she not have the most beautiful, rich dark hair?! She’s now a CIS coordinator at […]

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