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Stephen and Abigail: wedding reception :D {nostalgia vintage apparel, sedalia, mo wedding photographer}

April 12, 2013

As I promised, here is Stephen and Abigail’s enchanting wedding reception :D.I still can’t get over how amazing Abby looked…and how amazing she IS! Man, I love her. Ok, moving on. Hehe :).

Hey hey!! Here’s the adorably awesome couple I told y’all about last time! Zack and Elizabeth: yeah, they’re hilarious and just plain great :D. Again, I cannot WAIT to shoot their wedding in July 😀 :D.

I love them :D.

And if you follow Allix’s blog and/or are friends with her on facebook, you just officially found out yesterday about this. But if you don’t fall under either of those descriptions, here ya go: my friend Allix has a boyfriend and his name is Trevor :). I actually took pictures of him and his family last summer. Haha.

I love them too :D.

“…It is my pleasure to present to you Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Gates.” Fun memory: right after those words were said during the ceremony, the room literally began to roar. It sounded like I was at a football game: everyone clapped SO loud and hoot and hollered SO much. It was fantastic :D. That’s how much we all love them and are truly rejoicing for them. Stephen, Abby, you two are true blessings to everyone you know 🙂 :). Congratulations on God making y’all husband and wife :D.

Abbie Green and Regan Noe looking so pretty :D.

Same goes for these two: Rebekah Gates and Marie Champagne :D.

And here’s two of Stephen’s groomsmen: Stephen’s older brother Andrew and Stephen’s former roommate Grant Brown. They’re cool :).

These are my friends Austin Dooley, Daniel Hamilton, and Tony Leiter. Hey, guys :).

The great music was brought to us by Abby’s older brother John (who also was a videographer for the wedding). Good job, John (high five).

Waving bye to some guests (and looking just too adorable at the same time) who had to leave because of the weather (a snow storm came after all of this. lol).

My fun friends Laura Blunk and Amanda Webb looking cute (even if you ARE ruining the picture, Amanda 😉 ).

The beautiful wedding cake! I could kick myself for not grabbing a piece.

I find this picture particularly adorable. Hehe :D.

Haha, Stephen.


Haha, I love this couple so much :D.


Stephen’s niece Abrianna was a sweetheart and went around having everyone sign these frames :D.

Hehe :D.

Doing air drums together. Love it :).

Hi :).

Abby’s sister in law Laura did a great job of announcing things. She’s so sweet :). And at this point it was time for toasts.

Andrew started it off.

Then Marie :).

It was a precious time :D.

Then John.

Gotta say, his was a tear jerker.

Then Dan. Oh, I haven’t introduced him yet! This is Abby’s other older brother Daniel who was a groomsman and is Regan’s fiance! :D.

Then Marie’s husband Job.

Then the bride herself spoke :D.

Then the groom :D.

He then sang a song he wrote for Abby!! It was wonderful :’). By the way, if you’ve never gone and downloaded his music when I’ve mentioned it on here, do it now. He’s great (and should be coming out with his second album this year!! And Abby will be on it!! 😀 :D. Her voice is stunning.).

Yeah, here’s my two best friends bein’ all rockin’ awesome ;).

Cuties :D.

These two have my heart 🙂 :). But if I was a time lord, they could each have one of my two hearts. Hehe. Sorry, just had to let a little Whovian out ;). I love this picture. Thanks, Mrs. Darla :D.

Bro. Clint Leiter (Abby’s former pastor) married them, so he signed the marriage license :). I love how you can see Stephen and Abby holding hands in the background.

Abby dancing with her dad :D.

Bro. Ray is such a gentle and kind man and I know Abby is so thankful for him :).


Stephen danced with his mom (and to a Spanish song, which was awesome :D. Mrs. Nora is Argentine. How cool is that?!).

And finally, it was time for Stephen and Abby to have their first dance :).

I love love love this shot :).

Mmmm :).


Then it was time for everyone to dance! :D.

Tony and his gorgeous sister Angela :D.

Abby called John out to the dance floor, he popped on his fedora, and they. tore. it. UP! I want to learn to dance so bad now. Haha.

Stephen and Rebekah were good too :D.

I love how Regan is cracking up at them :D.

Haha :D.

Dan and Regan also were good :D. Twirrrrl :).

Two of the pros.

Alas, the evening had to come to an end…

…so, we all went outside, in the rain, and waited for Stephen and Abby to run by :).

The rain and flying seed couldn’t stop them from smiling :D.

And now they’re living happily ever after 😀 :D.

The end :).

With a smile,
{ Rachel Leigh }

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  1. Valerie says:

    this is so so SO cute. 🙂
    i'm in love with her dress too…
    your photos are amazing, Rachel! <3

  2. Lovely! A picture-perfect wedding 🙂


  3. You are so good at capturing small details, Rachael. Honestly, these all are so good and it's so obvious to see your heart for photography come out in these images. I love how they truly show off you and your shooting style, and all your put into them. You're truly gifted, your images inspire me on photos to take when I shoot my own weddings.

  4. Virginia Breshears says:

    So glad to get to see these. We had to leave early b/c of the snow storm coming so missed all this. I feel like I was there now. Thanks.

  5. her dress! oh my goodness, so pretty. love these. 🙂

  6. Trout_ says:

    Great photos. I didn't go to the reception because of the impending snow. These were the next best thing. Awesome work.

  7. What fun pictures! Lovely wedding.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Oh wow… fantastic work, Rachel! I'm so emotional right now and I wasn't even there!

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