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This is where the sneak peeks and special days shared more fully are at :D

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My friends Allix and Greta went on a walk with me in my neighborhood Monday evening :). No, I didn’t take pictures of them (we were just enjoying spending time together 🙂 ), but I did take an Instagram of us (my username is rachelleighgreene if you want to see it 🙂 ). I’ve always […]

High 80’s + perfect water temperature, color, and calmness + my family and friends = one of the best vacations in a while 😀 :D.We arrived safely! 😀 We were all in a happy mood :D. Figuring out the tv. I really like this picture of my parents, by the way :). And I just love […]

Yaaaaaay!! :DMy brother is now married and I now have a sister in law 🙂 :). The happy happy, fun day was last Saturday, May 12. Their wedding was held at the beautiful Ashelynn Manor in Magnolia, TX. Their wedding was at 10:00, so we all had to get up early and get there for pictures. […]

Two weekends ago I attended the third annual Fellowship Conference 😀 :D. (remember last year’s?) What a BLESSING it was!! The sermons were all excellent (here’s one of them: one of the best sermons on the local church I’ve ever heard!) and the Lord blessed me with almost equal fellowship with old friends and new ones […]

Allix Ryan Brunson   Age: 16 (going on 17) Occupation: daughter, student, photographer, and awesome friend :). Y’all know her better as Allix B. :D. And y’all should know her by now; she’s made many appearances on this blog of mine :). So, anyways, she’s been wanting some new portraits done for her photography business (because […]

Well, here’s the post I promised y’all!   The last day of our visit, Jessica Shae drove Allix B. and I to Arlington so we could finally meet Josh after hearing so much about him since last May!!  We walked into his nice apartment bearing Sprite, chips, queso (“Cheese: me no likey!” Hahaha ;D), and pizza rolls. He welcomed […]

While Allix B. and I were with Jessica last weekend, we had about a 15 minute window of opportunity to take portraits of her!    And here are mine :D.   She’s such a sweetheart :).   And she luuuuvs her parents. Hehe ;D. (Her parents are pretty awesome! ). Jessica, you’re so pretty :). […]

Allix B. and I have been wanting to go visit our sweet friend Jessica Shae for a while now and it finally came to fruition last weekend!! Hoorah :D.   The way Jessica has her room decorated is so lovely :D. Here’s Allix! 😀 We spent lots of time in her room talking and listening to […]

  Last month, I got to second shoot a wedding for the first time!! The wedding of Jon and Marlena Barber :D. And I got to shoot it with Jessica Shae and Allix B. which made it even better! 😀 Loved the awesome steel blue accents :D. Marlena looked lovely :D. Jessica sweetly helped whenever she […]

Our dear friend Jessica Shae came to town!!It was a happy reunion indeed :D. Jessica, I’m SOO glad Allix B. and I got to spend some time with you; it was grand :D. (BIG HUG) :D.With a smile, { Rachel Leigh }